Autocad Tutorials – Fastest Way To Learn (60% Comms

Autocad Tutorials – Fastest Way To Learn (60% Comms
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Autocad Tutorials – Fastest Way To Learn (60% Comms

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Boot Camp Clik @ MIGHTY Saturday 3/31

Boot Camp Clik @ MIGHTY Saturday 3/31
Event on 2012-01-26 21:00:00

On Saturday, January 26th, MIGHTY is playing how to the legendary Boot Camp Clik. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, All 8 members will hit the stage for a 2 hour performance, revisiting classics from Smif N Wessun, Buckshot, Heltah Skeltah, OGC and the Boot Camp Clik in their entirety.

Don't call it a comeback. Boot Camp Clik's been here for years. In fact, with several revered releases last year, BCC's presence is being felt more than ever. Cemented is BCC's legacy in the Hip-Hop annals. Spitting hardcore raps over dirty samples, the BCC comprised of Buckshot, Smif N Wessun (Tek & Steele), Heltah Skeltah (Sean Price and Rock) and OGC, (Louieville Sluggah, Starang Wondah and Top Dog) have epitomized New York Hip-Hop throughout their storied career. Just when the West Coast G Funk was becoming Hip-Hop's choice sound, Brooklyn's BCC individual groups lead the East Coast resurgence with the releases, Black Moon's 'Enta Da Stage' (1993), Smif N Wessun's 'Da Shinnin'' (1995), Heltah Skeltah's 'Nocturnal' (1996) was released and won the group New Artist of the Year by the Source Magazine, and O.G.C.'s debut 'Da Storm' (1997). As a group, Boot Camp Clik has released seminal albums which include For the People (1997), The Chosen Few (2002), The Last Stand (2006) & Casualities of War (2007). Boot Camp Clik is in the early stages of making their 5th album which is tentatively set for a 2012 release.

Though the crew has never reached commercial success by mainstream standards, BCC more than makes up for it in respect. Over the years, the Brooklynites have worked with and collaborated on songs with legends like, Tupac Shakur, Mary J Blige, Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Wyclef Jean, Raekwon, Method Man, Spike Lee and KRS-One just to name a few. Respect comes from all angles. As the crew was getting ready to take the independent turn, West Coast luminary Dr. Dre flew Dru and Buck to Los Angeles to cut several songs and contemplate a potential partnership. The crew had also previously worked on the 'One Nation' album with Pac. Unfortunately, the CD was never released due to his untimely death. Several of the LP's verses were gradually put onto other posthumous Pac released after his death. One Nation's "Military Mind" was eventually placed on 2002's Better Days. The crew also participated on Pac's poetry album, The Rose Vol.2.

at Mighty
119 Utah Street
San Francisco, United States

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Burn That Fat Fast

Burn That Fat Fast
Lose Weight And Stay In Shape
Burn That Fat Fast

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Wall Street Sees Promise In European Debt Auctions

(RTTNews) – U.S. stocks are set to open Thursday’s session higher, as auctions by Spain and Italy produced good responses. That said, an air of caution is likely to prevail ahead of the release of the U.S. jobless claims and retail sales reports. The Bank of England and the European Central Bank are due to announce their respective monetary policy decisions later in the day. The former is expected to maintain a status quo position, while the latter is most likely to end its 2-meeting long rate reduction and maintain rates at current levels.

As of 6:30 am ET, the Dow futures are rising 0.41 percent, the SP 500 futures are adding 0.46 percent and the Nasdaq 100 futures are moving up 0.57 percent.

European debt worries and apprehensions about some first-tier data and events scheduled to be released over Thursday and Friday weighed down on the markets, resulting in a mixed close on Wednesday.

On the economic front, the Labor Department due to release its customary jobless claims report for the week ended January 7th at 8:30 am ET. Economists expect claims to edge up to 375,000 from 372,000 in the previous week.

Around the same time, the Commerce Department will release its retail sales report for December. Economists estimate a 0.4 percent increase in retail sales as well as the retail sales that exclude autos. In November, both retail sales and retail sales, excluding autos, rose 0.2 percent.

The Commerce Department is scheduled to release its business inventories report for November at 10 am ET. The report is expected to show a 0.5 percent increase in business inventories for the month following a better than expected 0.8 percent increase in October.

The Treasury Budget, a monthly account of the surplus or deficit of the federal government, is due to be released at 2 PM ET. Economists expect a deficit of $ 79 billion for December compared to a deficit of $ 137.3 billion for November.

In corporate news, PC makers Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), Dell (DELL) and Apple (AAPL) may react to a research by Gartner, which showed that worldwide PC shipments fell 1.4 percent year-over-year in the fourth quarter. The firm attributed the weakness to soft consumer PC demand.

Gartner also said hard-disk drive shortages triggered by the floods in Thailand, though having a limited impact on fourth quarter PC shipments and prices, will temporarily lower PC shipment growth in 2012. HP’s shipments fell 16.2 percent and its market share also declined to 16 percent from 18.8 percent.

In its interim update, Chevron (CVX) said it expects fourth quarter earnings to be significantly lower than its third quarter results. The company also said downstream earnings are likely to be significantly impacted by lower margins and refinery input volumes and the absence of an asset sale gain.

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Clearing and Settlement — Clearing and Settlement

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New Title Gives Readers the Power Needed to Move Mountains

Maitland, FL (PRWEB) January 11, 2012

It has been said that prayer is the most powerful tool a Christian possesses; it is also the one tool that most forget about and never utilize to its full advantage. Silas Lazars new book, Remove Your Mountain by Releasing Your Power ($ 20.99, paperback, 978-1-59781-546-8; $ 32.99, hardcover, 978-1-59781-578-9; $ 9.99, e-book, 978-1-61904-549-1), does a great job of helping readers understand the subject of power, which happens to be one of the most misunderstood subjects of today. Lazar explains the importance of power as well as why and how individuals must experience it everyday in every life situation.

Every one of us face mountains in our lives and most of us get discouraged. I hope that all of those who will read this book will pay careful and deep attention, will feel well informed and well equipped to stand before their mountains with great power, states the author. I have been in ministry over twenty years and I have seen the critical situation over and over, there was a time when I used to consider those situations to be big mountains, but in my deep walk with God I have learned how to stand before those mountains and see them removed within me, around me and in front of me.

Silas Lazar is the founding pastor of Mission Revival Church International, which is located in Montreal, Canada. He serves as a member of the board of directors for the Elim Fellowship of Canada. For over twenty years, Lazar has been serving the Lord through evangelism and gospel ministry. He has travelled to Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and throughout Canada to spread the word of the God. He also conducts a School of Revival for hundreds of pastors and leaders every year.

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the worlds largest Christian publisher, with more than 8,000 titles published to date. Retailers may order Remove Your Mountain by Releasing Your Power through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. The book is available online through,, and


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Managing social media complaints before they explode into Tweets, YouTube videos and Facebook shares

15fgOOPS.jpgView full sizeSocial-media experts warn that not enough business owners have thought about how to handle the public-relations nightmare that can arise from a complaint that is shared and re-Tweeted thousands of times online.CLEVELAND, Ohio — No one knows why a Papa John’s worker in New York identified an Asian customer as “lady chinky eyes” on her pizza receipt last week.

But within hours after an exasperated Minhee Cho Tweeted, “Hey @PapaJohns just FYI my name isn’t ‘lady chinky eyes,’ ” untold thousands had seen her Twitter post and photo of the offensive slip of paper.

The Twitterverse exploded with outrage (“WHAT!? Awful!” “My jaw = dropped.”) and ridicule (“Better ingredients, better racism, @PapaJohns”).

And suddenly Papa John’s International, the world’s third-largest pizza company, found itself having to apologize and defend itself for the questionable actions of a 16-year-old employee.

The biggest lesson for other companies?

Don’t think this can’t happen to you.

Social-media experts warn that not enough business owners have thought about how to handle a public-relations nightmare and protect their brands in a situation like this.

What’s scary is that to the public, any employee who interacts with customers is the face of that business, even when they do something wrong, said Dominic Litten, social media and interactive PR manager for Point to Point Communications in Beachwood.

The adage about how unhappy customers are more likely to share the story with their friends becomes exponentially more dangerous on social media.

Things that used to stay small and local can suddenly spiral out of control because people can share something with everyone they know with a single click, said Lisa Zone, executive vice president of the Dix Eaton communications consultancy in Cleveland.

Protecting your brand from digital assault

    1. Don’t wait until something blows up to create a digital media strategy. Create an online presence via a company website, Facebook fan page and Twitter account and start interacting.

    2. Be vigilant for mentions of your company’s name online. Set up Google alerts. Search Twitter hashtags. Check YouTube. Repeat as necessary.

    3. Hire someone who’s social-media savvy to inhabit your online accounts. This person can interact with customers, re-Tweet nice things people say about you, give your brand some online personality – and help you identify potential problems quickly.

    4. Respond within 24 hours to anyone bad-mouthing your brand. And, yes, this means you’ll have to stay alert 24/7.

    5. Take complaints seriously, even if you think they’re silly or ludicrous. You never know what will catch the public’s fancy and spark a public-relations nightmare.

    6. Answer questions or address issues in the same venue where the problem arose. If someone’s complaining via YouTube, you need to engage the person on YouTube, too.

    7. Anticipate that something could balloon out of control, and decide what to do about it. Have a response plan that outlines who’s going to respond and how.

    8. Reassure people you’re going to correct what went wrong. You don’t have to say that someone’s been fired, but people like to hear that you’re serious about making it right.

    9. Keep apologizing. Fewer people will click on your apology than the incident that started it all, but you still need to try to make amends.

Crisis scenario ahead of crisis

The time to create a social-media response plan and decide who’s going to be in charge of it is before anything terrible happens, Zone said.

Circle the wagons and do some scenario planning, said Ben Brugler, executive vice president of Akhia, a public-relations and marketing firm in Hudson.

“How would we deal with this, what would we say or do if this happened?” he asked.

“Decide who becomes your voice. Who will be your single point of contact?”

Having a policy in place also helps you avoid having other employees speak for your company, which could make a bad situation worse.

“While an intern or a very junior staffer may be really savvy about using a specific social media, they may not always be the best suited to serve as an external voice of the company,” Zone said.

“It’s all about customer relations. The only difference is that it’s done in the social domain instead of at the returns desk at the local retailer or on the phone with a customer service rep.”

Companies that test the social media waters with a Facebook page are sometimes surprised and unhappy when people post unflattering remarks about them.

But the point of having that page is to engage and interact with customers, to find out what is being said about your business and why, said Barbara Paynter, a partner at Hennes-Paynter Communications, a crisis communications consultancy in Cleveland.

That enables you to build your own community of supporters who may come to your defense if something bad happens.

‘Know what’s being said’

“It’s important to know how people are using these sites, what’s ‘trending’ and what elements of your business could actually be affected,” Brugler said. “And of course, it’s highly recommended to be a frequent user of those sites yourself.”

Companies need to pay attention if the same complaints keep cropping up or if there seem to be patterns to what people are saying about them.

That’s because the complainers who aren’t satisfied with the answers might decide to kick it up a notch and launch a full-scale campaign against the company.

Some recent examples:

Verizon Wireless’ fee: When Verizon Wireless announced last month that it would charge a $ 2 convenience fee every time customers paid their bills online or over the phone, more than 166,687 of them signed an online petition protesting the charge.

Within hours, Verizon had changed its mind.

Its president and chief executive issued a statement saying: “At Verizon, we take great care to listen to our customers. Based on their input, we believe the best path forward is to encourage customers to take advantage of the best and most efficient options, eliminating the need to institute the fee at this time.”

Christmas FedEx delivery: A customer watched incredulously as a FedEx employee tossed his computer monitor over his gate, shattering it, instead of ringing his doorbell. He posted the security-camera video on YouTube.

“FedEx Guy Throwing My Computer Monitor” has been viewed 8,338,424 times.

It prompted a YouTube response by FedEx’s Senior Vice President of U.S. Operations saying: “I was upset, embarrassed and very sorry for our customer’s poor experience. This goes directly against everything we have always taught our people and expect of them. It was just very disappointing.”

The FedEx apology video has gotten 470,099 hits.

Charity shopping trip goes awry: A Mayfield Middle School teacher who says she was told by an employee at the Mayfield Heights Target store that her student council members were not welcome to make their annual shopping trip to the store posted an open letter to Target on her Facebook page (which has since been taken down) last month.

After thousands of people linked to her letter via social media, the teacher, school district and Target said it was all a misunderstanding and rescheduled the trip.

Target contributed $ 400 in gift cards to help the students buy more diapers, clothes, toys and other necessities for Providence House crisis nursery that day.

Protests won’t go away on their own

If a public relations crisis does crop up, companies need to react promptly, preferably within hours of the incident. “A story can spread in minutes,” Brugler said.

Consider the fact that even when it’s something positive, such as when Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow threw the game-winning touchdown in overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers last Sunday, fans were Tweeting about it at a record-setting 9,420-Tweets-per-second.

Getting out ahead of the story will let you control the message and
create a channel to control the questions — and potentially shorten the
lifespan of the story, Brugler said.

Whatever you do, “don’t delete messages or hide them,” hoping that they’ll go away, Zone said.

When Target failed to respond to questions about why it was turning away the Mayfield students, people started Tweeting that their messages were vanishing or going unanswered. Target said it never deleted any posts, but its Twitter account and Facebook page never mentioned what happened at its Mayfield store.

Another big no-no is to blame somebody else for the problem.

When Best Buy warned some of its customers on Dec. 21 that some gifts ordered online wouldn’t arrive in time for Christmas, it made the situation worse by offering “a non-apology apology,” Paynter said.

The company said: “Due to overwhelming demand of hot product offerings, we have encountered a situation that has affected redemption of some of our customers’ online orders.”

“That’s the kind of apology that if I were a customer would make me even more frustrated, because instead of taking responsibility and saying, ‘We apologize that we don’t have the merchandise,’ ” Best Buy blamed it on customer demand and its suppliers, she added.

The FedEx vice president could have said the same thing and blamed overwhelming holiday orders and stressed drivers, but instead he offered a heartfelt apology that helped the company save face, Paynter said.

FedEx’s apology video is now held up as an example for other companies.

‘Admit you were wrong, take responsibility’

Companies need to reach out directly to irate customers and say, “Give us a chance to make it right,” Zone said.

They might offer a phone number or e-mail address so the person can talk to someone directly to get the problem resolved.

The best responses are short, quick and to the point and ideally fit within a 140-character Tweet.

“Admit you were wrong, take responsibility and don’t minimize it,” Paynter said.

In Papa John’s case, the company Tweeted back within hours to say: “We are very sorry for this incident would like to contact you to apologize.”

It spent the next several days Tweeting individual apologies to every person who had re-Tweeted the incident.

Nearly every Papa John’s Tweet since Jan. 7 says: “Please know the employee has been terminated a formal apology has been given. We’ve also reached out to customer personally.”

In the Target case, the store manager reached out to the school and reassured the students that they were welcome to shop there when Target just as easily “could’ve said that it never happened,” Litten said.

“But once it became a national story, then it became a problem.”

Social-media experts say that they can’t predict why some incidents ignite and others die out but that businesses need to be aware of the possibility that something that isn’t addressed could get bigger.

Restaurants can respond to negative reviews on message boards by saying, “We’re sorry about your last visit and want to make it up to you,” which both acknowledges the person’s frustration and gives the restaurant a second chance, Litten said.

“If you take a previously unhappy customer and turn him into a happy customer, that’s a much better story to tell.”

To reach this Plain Dealer reporter: or 216-999-5069.
Follow me on Twitter: @janetcho

Clearing and Settlement — Clearing and Settlement

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Weak Coal Demand Driving Fear (PCX, ANR, JRCC, MT, X, AKS)

US coal miner Patriot Coal Corp. (NYSE: PCX) said this morning that it was closing three of its contractor-operated coal mines and two production units in West Virginia “in response to weaker market demand for metallurgical coal.” The announcement has pushed shares down about -10%. Met coal miners Alpha Natural Resources Inc. (NYSE: ANR) and James River Coal Corp. (NASDAQ: JRCC) are also getting hit, as are steel makers Arcelor Mittal (NYSE: MT), US Steel Corp. (NYSE: X), and AK Steel Holding Corp. (NYSE: AKS), which use metallurgical coal to make steel.

Patriot Coal officials said demand for met coal has weakened in the last few weeks, especially export demand. Demand from China, the world’s largest importer of met coal, is expected to remain weak through the first half of the year, although demand is expected to rise in the second half as Chinese and European economies begin to grow again. Total consumption of met coal could fall by 13 million metric tons in 2012.

In the late morning, Patriot Coal shares are down more than -9% at $ 8.18 in a 52-week range of $ 6.92-$ 29.20.

Shares in Alpha are down nearly -8% at $ 20.76 in a 52-week range of $ 15.49-$ 62.65.

James River shares are down more than -8% at $ 6.77 in a 52-week range of $ 5.41-$ 25.59.

Steel maker Arcelor Mittal is down nearly -2%, while US Steel and AK Steel are both down about -3%.

Paul Ausick




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Read more: China, Earnings Warning, International Markets, Metals, coal mining, coal production cuts, steel companies, AKS, ANR, JRCC, MT, PCX, X

Clearing and Settlement — Clearing and Settlement

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Moving Towards a Cure® Orlando Brain Tumor 5K Awareness Run/Walk

Moving Towards a Cure® Orlando Brain Tumor 5K Awareness Run/Walk
Event on 2012-02-11 09:00:00
Miles For Hope will hold its Moving Towards a Cure® Brain Tumor 5K Awareness Walk/Run on Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 9 am at Harbor Park on Lake Baldwin Orlando, FL. Proceeds will fund brain tumor research and provide travel assistance to brain cancer patients.
The event is open to all ages. Same-day registration opens at 8 am, event begins at 9 am. Registration for adults is . Fee increases after January 28. Registration is free for children under 6 years. Participants can walk/run individually or form a team. Volunteers are welcome and needed. Post-event celebration to follow the race and includes an award presentation to remember those battling brain cancer as well as those who lost their battle.
Harbor Park is located at across from Paddy's Pub, 4776 Lake Baldwin Avenue, Orlando, FL. Parking available on site for all supporters. For more information, please visit the website, or call 727-781-4673.

at Harbor Park on Lake Baldwin
4776 Lake Baldwin Lane
Orlando, United States

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Can I remove a post-it note stuck in my PC drive?

I had a small section of a Post-It note stuck on a CD and inadvertently put it
into the PC drive. The disc came out minus the Post-It, so I presume that it
is still inside. Discs load but I cannot access data or play music. What can
I do, short of an expensive engineer call-out?
Joy Hammersley, by email

Clearing and Settlement — Clearing and Settlement

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World Bank: China can grow 8pc annually for two decades

However, Mr Lin said economies in the eurozone, the US and in Japan would
remain “sluggish” over the next five to 10 years with fiscal
deficits heading higher.

Clearing and Settlement — Clearing and Settlement

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